With 20 + years of experience, SC Tramar SA is a 100% private capital company. Its history has shown and continues to show professionalism in rendering quality services every step of the way.

As an active player in the field of freight forwarding, our company has had an ascending course as of the date of its establishment thanks to our capacity to readily adapt to the business requirements, on one hand, and to our customer oriented policy and to customer’s needs, on the other. .

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Our most frequent destinations are in Western Europe (Italy, Germany, France, and Spain) but other destinations are within our reach if so requested by our customers.
Upon request from customers we have started to develop business relations with other countries as well such as Poland, UK, Sweden, and Finland.


In order to receive our price quotation complete with transport options we kindly ask you to fill in the form below.



Our philosophy, which underlines our activity as a freight forwarder is to offer our customers the best possible services. This does not mean only fair prices, selection of shortest and safest routes, no down times and lead times as short as possible. First of all, our priority is to consider our customers as friends and partners and hence our services cannot be less than of best quality. Who would want to disappoint a friend or a partner? We are at all times at the disposal of our clients to promptly answer their questions and demands providing all the advantages possible to generate additional benefits for our customers. Win - win partnerships is our motto.


Transport companies are often faced with environmental issues which automatically trigger raises in the taxes enforced for the use of road infrastructure and also with the competition which becomes fiercer every day as the volume of business seems to drop worldwide. Nevertheless, we did not lower the quality of our services but, instead, we have worked on increasing the security measures to safeguard the goods, the trucks and to enhance the qualification of our truck drivers, aspects of utmost importance both for us and for our customers.


To implement this philosophy in the daily routine of the company we have built a well trained, well structured team thus being able to come up with solutions and quick response to any problem that may arise during the transport operation.

The experience, competence and the fact that we love what we are doing have turned us into a flexible team quick to react and to master the know-how so as to ensure optimum interaction with the people we render services to with a responsible awareness at all times.


Established on January 27, 1994 following Court Decision 108 and on grounds of Company Act 31/1990, the company was registered with the Office of the Registrar of Companies under No. J14/17/1994 and was assigned the VAT No. RO 5131341.

Tramar SA is a stock holding company with 100% private capital held by legal entities (99.478%) and private individuals (0.522%).


Legal entities :

- Electroprecizia SA – 99.43406 %
- SanoSan Pharmaceuticals – 0.00316 %
- Inter-Com SRL – 0.0411 %

Individuals :

- 0.46950 %
- 0.05216 %

The purpose of activity of the company is freight forwarding as per CAEN code No. 4941.


To cover the risk of loss or deterioration of goods during transport we have opted for a global CMR insurance.

The insurance covers the liability of the insured, transporter/forwarder in domestic or international traffic. Beside the CMR liability, the insurance is also compliant with the applicable German legislation, namely with the provisions under Art. 407 ff of the German Civil Code.
The maximum value of the insurance policy is of 1,500,000 Euro.

Download CMR insurance


Our fleet counts 21 trucks and vans which can be supplemented by trucks and vans from our subcontractors.
The majority of the fleet units comply with the EURO 5 pollution requirements.
Thanks to our maintenance workshop and due to the permanent on the job training of our skilled mechanics and drivers all these vehicles are kept in perfect running order and the fleet is constantly renewed and diversified.
We keep at your disposal:

  • Semitrailers with standard tarpaulin (useful height 2.70 m)
  • Semitrailers with mega tarpaulin (useful height 3.00 m)
  • Cooling semitrailers
  • Vans with payloads between 1.2 and 1.9 t.


utilizator : tramar
parola : client

For a quick access to information and photos during transport all our drivers use smart-phones – BlackBerries.

Driver contact : registration plates (


Communication is the core of our daily business.

This means that you, our clients, can have round the clock access to information on the exact location of the goods or you can communicate with the driver at any time even during weekends or off the working hours.

To this effect we have introduced a GPS navigation system together with our partner T.E.L.L., Easy Track, whereby we can manage and monitor each truck and can issue reports on the distance covered and time, route used and fuel consumption.


’’Green’’ transports for a sustainable environment conservation.
It is our responsibility as transport services providers and goods shipper to make environment conservation a priority of the corporate and social policy. If we want to remain « green » we need to safeguard the environment we live in.

We are well aware of the responsibility we have as regards the environment so our philosophy is focused on the control and optimization of the climatic and environment performance level and on the quality assurance in the case of all services we render concentrating all the time to give full satisfaction to our customers.
Ecological durability, climate protection and economic growth are all compatible one to the other and they represent our objectives for a sustainable business.

We are permanently looking for alternate more environmental friendly transport and shipment methods. To this end we have managed to build up a fleet that complies in its majority with EURO 5 requirements.


Str.Lunca Oltului nr.13
520036 Sfantu Gheorghe , Covasna , Romania
GPS coordinates: 45.868945 , 25.800581

Phone : + 40.267.351.471
Mobile : + 40.744.329.091
Fax : + 40.267.312.501
Email :

Transport Departament & Freight Forwarding
Claudiu Apostol – General Manager
Mobile : + 40.745.033.443
Email :

Marcu Veronica – Freight Forwarder
Mobile : + 40.744.322.054
Email :

Technical Department
Nicolae Mocanu
Mobile : + 40.744.322.069
Email :

ITP Checks - tachographs and speed limiters | appointments
Gaspar Huba - Controller
Imre Jozsef - Controller
Telefon : + 40.267.314.513
Email :

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Domestic/International Full Trucks FTL

We can load any type of goods in fully loaded trucks with capacities ranging from 1 to 24 tons.

Because our clients are from the automotive industry we have specialized in fast,
just in time transport according to very tight schedules. Upon request we can put two
experienced drivers to man a truck in order to keep the transit duration at a minimum.

We can organize full loads both from Romania to countries of the EU (exports) and from
countries of the EU to Romania (imports).

Domestic/International Groupages LTL

The trucks of our company are properly equipped to ensure at all times groupage
of goods (separators, girths, protection corners, inflatable protection cushions)

Groupage is organized in a way to offer the clients maximum safety of their merchandise
for as low tariffs as possible by an efficient use of the load capacity of trucks.

Working in a professional manner we ensure total confidentiality of the information regarding
the groupage of goods so that our customers enjoy total protection.

In case of groupage the price is calculated depending on the occupied
floor and on the weight of the goods.

Once loaded the goods remain in their position on the truck till they reach their destination
and are unloaded, thus avoiding any eventual reloading during the transport with the respective
consequences (redundant handling, deterioration, losses, theft).

Freight forwarding / FTL and LTL

The experience and professional training of our team as well as the portfolio
of our subcontractors brings us in the position to offer our customers not
only transport services with our own fleet of vehicles but also carrier services
for general goods, ADR and transports under controlled temperature,
FTL or LTL throughout the entire Europe. We are capable to offer distribution
solutions in Rumania and warehousing possibilities. Furthermore, we are in the
position to offer our customers high quality logistic consulting to help them find
the best solutions to their problems.


The safety of the transported good is ensured in our own warehouse or in the warehousing
facilities of the group of companies we are part of.

At this moment we can offer short term warehousing and cross-docking for general goods
(industrial merchandise) on a surface of 800 sq.m in Sfantu Gheorghe at 13, Lunca Oltului St.

It is our plan to expand the facilities we have for cross-docking operations and,
depending on the needs of our customers, to add some more space to the facilities
in place (controlled temperature, food product or ADR warehousing).

Periodical technical inspections

Our company is licensed by the Rumanian Auto Registry, license No. 869/8 of July 26, 2013,
to perform periodical technical inspections on class II and III vehicles – license shown here.
The periodical technical inspection (ITP) is performed on vehicles to assess and
ascertain their fitness to safely participate in the traffic on public roads.
time is precious, the ITP’s are mandatory and if one fails to show evidence of the
performance of ITP one is liable to get a substantial fine plus the seizure of the
vehicle’s registration certificate. One should know that to regain the vehicle’s
registration certificate the ITP has to be carried out by the Rumanian Auto Registry,
meaning high prices and a waste of time.

Our team is here to provide professional assistance and promptness in carrying out ITP’s for the
following types of vehicles:

- full range of motor bicycles
- cars
- minibuses, RV’s, utility vehicles, specialized vans with the total admissible mass up to 3.5 t
- vans and vehicles with the total admissible mass over 3.5 t
- trailer trucks
- side car for motor bicycles
- trailer and caravan without braking system
- trailers, semi-trailers and caravans with braking system and with the maximum admissible load up to 3.5 t
- trailers, semi-trailers with braking system with the maximum admissible load over 3.5 t

See tariffs here here

Tachometer and speed limiter check

Our company is authorized by the Rumanian Auto Registry to do such checking
license No. 199/12/10/2004 – reviewed on May 11, 2013 license see license here

We sell, install and check tachometers and speed limiters.
We have stood out from the very beginning as a thorough service provider at the disposal
of our customers to execute said works with maximum promptitude.

Information regarding the tachometer and speed limiter checking operations:

- To periodically check tachometers and speed limiters the client needs to produce
a copy of the vehicle Certificate of Title.

- To periodically check tachometers and speed limiters the client needs to produce a copy of the vehicle Certificate of Title.
The tires on the driving axle must comply with the dimensions in the vehicle’s Certificate of Title.

- It is necessary to take the vehicle to the work point in Sfantu Gheorghe at 13, Lunca Oltului St.

- The vehicles which are not fitted with a speed limiter must specify, under
the heading “Maximum Constructive Speed” a value under or equal to 90 km/hour

Tariffs may be found here


The drivers transiting Sfantu Gheorghe who must take the 9-11-24-45 hour break or
those loading/unloading goods or the local drivers needing a parking lot
can all benefit from our specially created, properly lit up parking lot.

The parking is well defined and marked so as to allow each and every driver to
safely park the vehicle on perfectly visible spots.

Car Wash

We have arranged for a manual wash area for trucks, buses, vans and cars fully equipped
with state of the art equipment.


To better respond to our customers needs we offer them the possibility to rent office,
production and warehousing space.
On the platform in Sfantu Gheorghe at 13, Lunca Oltului St., we render available:
- warehousing space

- production halls

- office space

- access for heavy duty lorries

- parking

To fully satisfy our customers we have chosen to render available office space,
production halls and warehousing space of various sizes and fully connected
to all necessary utilities. Through a flexible management of the rented spaces,
Tramar offers the possibility to reduce or expand the rented spaces
to all those who wish to do so.